Use an Inexpensive Pool Noodle to Create Hours of Cool Sprinkler Fun For the Kids

This tutorial video teaches you how you can easily create a fun water sprinkler to keep your kids cool this summer. All you will need for this unique creation is a pool noodle, a hose, some duct tape, and something that can poke holes in the noodle. You can pick these pool noodles up in a variety of colors at the Dollar Store so this entire project can be made for a couple of bucks.


If you follow the directions in this video, you will have a fun sprinkler in a matter of minutes. Who would have thought you could create a water sprinkler with a pool noodle! This just goes to show you do not need a lot of money to entertain your kids and make them happy. Make sure you watch the video in its entirety so you will know all of the steps you need to take. If you know people with kids, Please SHARE on Facebook so they can see how to make their own sprinkler.

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