The man’s Rolex, a highly uncommon Paul New model, drew significant attention on the Antiques Roadshow. Notably, the veteran presented the original packaging, warranty papers, receipts, and a brochure detailing the watch, leaving appraiser Peter Planes thoroughly impressed.

According to Planes, the Rolex was in impeccable condition, potentially unparalleled worldwide. Initially estimating its worth at around $400,000, Planes’s subsequent valuation, considering the comprehensive documentation and the watch’s pristine state, suggested a staggering value ranging from $500,000 to $700,000. The veteran’s shocked reaction to this revised appraisal had to be censored during the broadcast, signifying its remarkable rarity and worth.

CNN reported that the Rolex watch, hailed as one of the most extraordinary finds on the show, fulfilled the “appraisal trifecta,” as described by an executive producer for the Antiques Roadshow. Its extraordinary rarity, coupled with a compelling personal backstory and original documentation, solidified its status as a remarkable treasure

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