Watch These 450 Dogs Run Around And Play Together

This video is like nothing you have ever seen before. Picture this; 450 dogs of different breeds, color and sizes all in one farm coexisting together in harmony. Here, you will see all the 450 dogs running around and playing together and it is not even chaotic or anything close to that.

All these dogs are happy and excited as they run around the farm playing all dog games of every kind. The beauty of it all is that, all these dogs were once homeless before they were rescued and brought to their new home where they could all live a decent life.

You can see them playing with animal toys, chasing the ball around the field and just chilling in big water basins. They are absolutely in love with their caregivers as they play with them, licking them on their faces like every dog does with its owner. It is indeed a nice site to see.
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The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund