A Big Wedding Surprise For Chris And Leah


As Chris and Leah O’Kane sat next to the altar on their wedding day, they clearly had no big surprise planned for their wedding mass. It was just supposed to be a simple mass where they would exchange their vows before obviously proceeding to the reception. This big surprise has fascinated millions as it is nothing anyone would expect on their wedding day. After a short hymn, the priest, Ray, gets up and walks to the altar as the entire church is silent waiting for the next step in the mass to take place.

To everyone’s surprise, the priest starts singing the lyrics to the well-known gospel song “Hallelujah.” The bride and groom are caught by surprise and they start laughing but, after the priest continues singing, it gets emotional. Despite his obvious old age, his voice is just amazing; he could probably compete in a singing competition. By the time he finishes singing, half the congregation is in tears more so the bride.

It is an amazing wedding surprise from the least expected source.

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