At first I thought it was just part of a branch, but soon after, the bird opened its mouth, thus honestly scaring the woman.

Potoo birds of the Nyctibiidae family live in Central and South America, in areas ranging from Mexico to Argentina. Seven species of these birds are found in the genus Nyctibius. They are 21-58 cm (8-22 in.) Tall, have long wings and tails, large heads and broad beaks, and are distinguished by large eyes. The legs are weak and only work in a basic position.

The mentioned bird species was also recorded on a cell phone a month ago by the author of the video, from the town of Chipolo, in the Magdalena region of Colombia.

Along with the video, the author also wrote that local residents heard the bird several times, but never saw it alive. Watch a video from Colombia where they captured an unusual potto bird with the camera.

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