You Will Have a Whole Lotta Love For This Singer’s Led Zeppelin Cover on The Voice

We often judge books by their covers and people by their appearances. Unfortunately, this is not always an accurate way to determine who a person is and what level of talent they bring to the table. In this video, you will watch as Pierre takes the stage of The Voice. Thankfully, the judges are not able to see him right away or they might have immediately discounted his talent. When he begins to belt out the first opening lines of the Led Zeppelin classic, you will immediately become mesmerized and feel as if you are being transported back to the seventies, when music truly had meaning.

This amazing video of Pierre Edel will be one that you will want to watch many times. The judges were blown away on The Voice and you will be too! It has been years since a voice has come on the scene and been able to perfectly hit every note and nuance. He makes today’s music look like bubblegum rubbish! Make sure you share this video with everyone you know and Please SHARE on Facebook so this talented young man can be recognized!




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