Witness the Beautiful Response of These Chimpanzees When They are Reunited With Someone Special

When Linda Koebner was only twenty-three years old, she worked with a special group of chimps, to help them grow accustomed to living in the wild after being in captivity their entire lives. Working with them for four full years, she formed a special bond with them that she never forgot. This video showcases the reunion between Linda and her friends, Doll and Swing as they are reunited eighteen years after being separated.

When you see the reactions of Doll and Swing, you are likely to find tears streaming down your face! It is evident these two have never forgotten Linda and have always held her in a special place in their heart. As you witness this special reunion, you will be blown away at how emotional these two special creatures become as they embrace someone they have never forgotten even though many years have separated them. After you check out this special video, Please SHARE on Facebook for others to witness.