Witness A Day In The Life Of Helpless Dogs Living On A Dog Meat Farm

This is a video that is deeply troubling to watch but it is something that needs to be seen by the world. These poor dogs are being raised for their meat and it is horrifying to witness. Unfortunately, this goes on in Korea each and every day of the year. These poor dogs are cramped into tiny cages and never get to run free or be petted. When you see this video, it will break your heart and make you hug your own dogs a little tighter!

Can you imagine being these dogs and living in such confined spaces? Their bodies are wracked with pain because they never get to walk around or run and jump. Anybody who has a heart will find this video to be more than they can bear to watch but it is important word is spread about this horrific practice so it can be stopped. After you have watched, don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.