Woman Helps A Homeless Man Get His Beloved Dog Back From The Pound

This feel-good video will deeply touch your heart and make your day all the brighter. In this video, you will hear about a homeless man who was holding a sign saying he needed money to get his dog out of the pound. When Wilma Trice learned of his predicament, she knew she had to help somehow. She and a friend were able to gather the $120 needed to get the man’s beloved dog out of the pound.

Seeing these two reunited was payment enough for Wilma. It feels so good when you can actually help someone in need. The woman in this video might not think she is a hero, but she surely is in the eyes of the homeless man and dog she helped be reunited! What a kind deed this woman did for a total stranger. Now, these two best friends are back together and can be there for one another. Please SHARE on Facebook for others to enjoy.