In Romania, a woman saw a dog lying next to cars parked near a busy intersection. I called him and he came right away. It was called a scar because of the wound in his nose. While she was feeding him, she noticed another person wandering in the field with a rope tied around his neck.

He was a black dog, and unlike Scar, he never came close to him. The woman was told that Scar had been abused, that the dog in the field was “bad” and that people were trying to kill him. She also had to save him. I worked on it for several days when I finally achieved a breakthrough; He came to see her for the first time and acted as if he didn’t want her to leave him behind.

She had to return to Canada but left the dogs in good hands so she could return in two weeks. After 23 hours of traveling, Scar and Shine have arrived home! They were a little hesitant to see the interior of the house for the first time, but soon resumed their new life!

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