Woman’s Audition Goes From Opera to Rock on Spain’s Got Talent

This young woman is clearly one of the most talented performers to ever grace the stage of Spain’s Got Talent. When she first steps to the stage, she is wearing formal wear and is prepared to wow the judges with her beautiful operatic stylings. When she opens her mouth to sing, the judges cannot get enough of her beautiful voice and angelic sound. What they do not know, is things are about to take a drastic turn and this performance is going to blow their minds! You do not want to miss what happens next in this video.

Suddenly, the woman rips off her formal dress and becomes a rock diva in a matter of seconds. The judges and the audience are stunned as she begins rocking out to an unexpected rock hit. It is so cool how she is able to maneuver between the two musical styles! If you think this lady should win, Please SHARE on Facebook right away.