Jill Gustamond was born in the late 1970s somewhere along the East Coast. She was raised by her loving parents and generally led a normal life.

When she was 10, Jill’s parents sat her down to talk. Although they raised her, they were not her biological parents. They were her grandparents and her mother was their daughter, according to ABC News. Jill’s mother, Linda Gustamond, was 18 when she gave birth to Jill. Not ready to be a mother, she asked her parents to raise the child instead.

Of course, the younger generation immediately wanted to know more about their biological parents. Her curiosity began a search that would follow her for the next thirty years.

Jill already knew Gestamonds’ daughter; I just thought Linda was his older sister. If the relationship is tense and confused, it brings it back to the age difference.

Once she found out the truth, Jill reached out to her birth mother, who sadly wasn’t ready to start a relationship with her, ABC News reports.

Linda didn’t want to talk much, but was open to discussing a few small details about Jill’s biological father.

As Gill recounts, his mother told him that his father was an Italian named Al, who worked at a bar called Neri at the time. With a bit of a flare, Jill had no idea how to crack the case and meet her real dad.

I spoke to several people and asked a man to take a paternity test, but to no avail. On the advice of her mother, Jill decided to settle down with the family she already had.

Gustamund’s family life was good, but unresolved issues always seemed to come back. When she turned 40, Jill’s thoughts once again turned to her parents, so she turned to social media to help her complete her research. I first checked to see if there was a page for Neri, only to find that the bar had closed years ago.

However, Jyll managed to find the bar’s old location: Palisades Park, a small town in New Jersey. I also found a small group on Facebook where current and former residents of this town stayed in touch.

Through the set, Jill contacted Dan Neri, who owned the bar at the time. Then she asked him something that would lead to the end of his quest.

Gill told ABC News, “I said, ‘I know this is crazy, but do you know a guy named Al who works or are you in 1976, 1977?'”

Dan Neri tried to remember those days and in this way put a name to the man Jill was looking for: the Annunziata.

Although Al suspected it was a one-night stand, Linda’s baby got her back to the 1970s. However, he respected the young mother’s insistence that he was not the father and did not push the case.

“She wasn’t my girlfriend, we didn’t have a really romantic relationship, and I think they were just two guys who met,” Al said.

“In all the years this has happened, there has been one burning question. It has never been resolved. When you are young and you don’t know, you take things at face value. It believed his mother.

Despite Linda’s conviction, when Jill sent him that fateful message, he said he wasn’t surprised at all.

Already 40 years late, Al and Jill wasted no time in taking a paternity test, which came back with a 99.9966% positive chance.

Jill was excited, as her dad Al was over the moon. “I’ve never known a happier person in my life,” Gill told interviewees.

“He was so excited. He was like, ‘I’m a brand new dad!'”

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