Young Boy Is Caught Sneaking Into Neighbor’s Garage to Pet Her Dog

This is such a sweet video that was caught on a woman’s security system. Josh Breaux is a young boy who absolutely adores dogs. As you watch this news clip, you will see him riding his bike up to his neighbor’s garage and quickly jumping off so he could run and pet the dog inside. In the video, you can see this dog adores the little boy’s visits and is just as happy to see the boy as the boy is to see him! When the neighbor saw the footage, she wanted to let the boy know how much she appreciated him giving love to her dog.


It seems Josh had recently lost his beloved dog and had been begging his parents for a new one. The outpouring of love over this video has led many to champion Josh’s cause to allow him to get a dog. Some have even offered to give him one! If you think this little boy is a ray of sunshine, Please SHARE on Facebook.
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