Young Lady Is Reunited With Her Service Dog After Eight Months

This video shows the story about a young lady being reunited with her service dog after he was sent away for eight months to train so he could become a certified service dog. The young lady has cystic fibrosis and Ollie is her mobility dog and helps to keep her safe. In this video, she and he are finally being brought back together and the young lady is so overwhelmed, she cannot believe he is finally back with her.


It is clear these two truly love one another and are so glad to be back together. Ollie is so adorable with his curly hair, you will not be able to resist him! Don’t be surprised if you find a tear or two escaping your eyes as you see Ollie reacting to seeing his owner again. After you have watched this amazing reunion video, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can witness the joy.

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