Georgia watched the model girl as she took the stage to face the four judges. She wore a shirt with a glitter heart on the front and her ponytail was adorned with a bow tie.

One of the judges asked the girl about her song choice. She informed the judges that she would be performing an original selection called “Ten”. Giorgia explains that the song is about parents who don’t fully reflect on their children’s thoughts and words because they are so young.

She laughs a little explaining that her parents weren’t the subject of the song.

The jaws of the four judges dropped as soon as the little girl began to sing. The girl’s singing voice and vocal range was something they weren’t ready for. In addition to Georgia’s vocals, the song’s lyrics and arrangement were interesting.

Giorgia’s performance only got better as she continued to perform. Once the ten-year-old finished, all four judges and all members of the audience stood up and gave her a standing ovation.

The judges begin to give their performance evaluation one by one. But one of the judges, Alisha, lost patience with the process and pressed the golden bell.

The gratitude and shock on Georgia’s face was a sight to behold. Her parents, who were waiting backstage, shared a hug before joining their daughter on stage in a group hug. Georgia’s parents also had a hug to share with Alisha.

The spirit and confidence that Giorgia showed during her performance make her a must-have. Luckily, anyone who missed Giorgia’s live performance can watch the video below as many times as they want.

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