Everyone has probably experienced this feeling when something totally surprises you, your heart even skips a beat when you look at it. This is exactly what happened to a waitress named Carly while working another normal day in a restaurant.

We know how hard a waitress works. Respond to all customer requests, serve food, pick up dirty dishes and always remain calm and welcoming, especially when dealing with rude customers. And one day, Carly received an incredible award for all of her hard work.

A woman entered the restaurant and sat down at a dining table. She was solo and Carly, as usual, approached her with a smile on her face and took her orders.

While eating her meal, Carly stopped several times to ask if she needed anything and to make sure her meal was good. So far, nothing seems to please Carly about the woman – but that will change soon.

When the woman wanted to pay for her meal, she asked for a pen and paper. Paid and then gone, Carly walked over to the woman’s table to clean up and collect the bill. It was then that I noticed a handwritten note.

The note reads: “I’ve been waiting for the right person since I saw this on FB … and you ROCK !!” Carly took the note – then saw a tip of $ 1,000! She could hardly believe it was true.

The story quickly went viral on Facebook and when the incredibly generous van was called in she said, “The lady waiting for me was very kind, very helpful and did me a great service. And I thought to myself. : “Well, she’s that one. ‘” There’s something so fun about doing something for a person. You don’t even know him and he can’t reciprocate you. “

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