Finally, it was the moment to apply the last color, which ended up appearing rather red. The grandmother, feeling a bit uneasy, remarked, “Oh, it looks like red-orange,” but her granddaughter reassured her that it would turn out pink. “Well, it doesn’t seem pink,” the grandmother responded.

After the dyes had fully set and been rinsed off, the grandmother could finally see the outcome. As her granddaughter spun the salon chair around so her grandma could view herself in the mirror, her reaction was immediate. Both grandmother and granddaughter burst into laughter so infectious that it drew the attention of others in the salon.

The closing scene of the video showcased the grandmother with her newly styled hair, looking fantastic – and undeniably trendy! Outside the salon, the grandmother was clearly overjoyed with her updated appearance. She celebrated her new look with an ear-to-ear smile, clapping and posing for photos. Viewers were captivated by the elderly woman’s exuberant spirit and flooded the comments with praise for her contagious joy.

“It’s grandma’s laughter for me 🥰🥰🥰” read the first comment. @thecolorchemist chimed in, “It’s so contagious it’s so contagious 😂”

“Grandma’s laughter is EVERYTHING 🥰,” another user echoed, while someone else remarked, “She’s iconic. She looks like the prettiest cotton candy I’ve ever seen.”

Another commenter noted, “I love the constant excitement in this video 🥰” and @thecolorchemist responded again, “This is 100% where I get it from.”

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