The third step, which is quite broad, involves incorporating “positive parent-child interactions.” Essentially, the goal is to ensure your children feel secure and loved before bedtime. This might entail activities like cuddling or rocking them to sleep. However, the fourth guideline advises against prolonging these activities excessively. The entire bedtime routine should ideally last no more than 30 to 40 minutes. Chris and Zac’s mom certainly adhered to this rule, swiftly getting her kids into bed in just over a minute!

Furthermore, researchers stress the importance of avoiding “maladaptive activities” before bedtime, which could disrupt children’s sleep. This means steering clear of activities like watching television or playing video games.

However, as highlighted by WebMD’s parenting reference, Grow, there are no rigid bedtime rules. Each individual, including your child, has unique sleep needs. If your current routine is effective, then it’s likely the best approach for your family.

In the case of Zac and Chris, their bedtime routine may have been brief and somewhat unconventional by conventional standards, but it worked well for their family. Plus, it was heartwarming to see these two youngsters eagerly race to bed! If you enjoyed this video, which is available below, there’s even a sequel where Zac and Chris manage to get into bed even faster than before

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