Eleanor Rigby, a service dog from Labrador, gave birth to a group of eight dogs while waiting at the airport. She was traveling with the pups’ father, Nugget, and owner, Diane Van Atter, to Tampa International Airport in Florida in 2018. All was well when Eleanor gave birth in the middle of the airport.

Several passengers stayed with them to see the excitement unfold. Some have taken to social media to talk about their own experiences. One person told Fox News 13 that they posted that they had been there since the fifth puppy was born. Another recalled how chaos reigned at the airport because of Eleanor.

“I’ve been here since Puppy 5…It’s already on Instagram, and we’ve got a lot of likes,” one passenger told Fox News 13.

The reporter goes on to describe how Eleanor was about to board a plane heading to Philadelphia when she gave birth.

It was then that the firefighters intervened and delivered the puppies. Today, Eleanor is the mother of seven children and a daughter. His paws will be full!

Tampa Fire and Rescue paramedics were happy to help and made sure everything went as smoothly as possible with Eleanor. All were delivered without any complications and appeared to be in good health.

The paramedics got bored and said the puppies would be named after them with the girl named after the reporter who was there from Fox News 13, Natalie.

Eleanor, Golden Nugget and Diane Van After missed their scheduled flight but it seems like they didn’t care. They had nowhere to go as they were on their way home. After all the chaos, the house is just what they need.

Unfortunately, with newborn puppies, they can no longer travel by plane. Driving will be their only option. This is to ensure that the puppies are kept as safe as possible. Most airlines don’t accept newborns under two days old, and sometimes they have guidelines that the baby must be over two weeks old.

With dogs, the wait is longer. Too bad they couldn’t fly but we’re sure they were fun to ride with all those little puppies!

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